Before talking to someone about attending a Cursillo, talk to God about the individual.


Make a friend. Be a friend. Bring a friend to Christ.”

To qualify as a sponsor, you should have completed your first year as a babe chick or have an experienced Cursillista as your co-sponsor. You should be a living example of the Cursillo Method and active in the local Movement, Grouping/Ultreyas.

We suggest that you sponsor only one candidate per Cursillo Weekend. If you must sponsor more than one candidate, please use a Co-sponsor to assist you.

·         Don’t be totally secretive, tell the potential candidate as much as you can without revealing any of the surprises. Use the Cursillo brochure you received in the packet at your Cursillo to help explain what the weekend is like.

·         Meet with your candidate and try to answer his or her questions about all aspects of the weekend that you are free to discuss. 


·         Be a friend to this candidate. Make sure you know what health issues this individual may have. The Cursillo team needs to know what potential medical/mental concerns might come up during the weekend. We need to be notified prior to the weekend so that we are able to deal with any special circumstances that may occur. You as a sponsor may need to help meet their health needs. Be sure to highlight this area when you fill out the sponsor’s portion of the application so the GHR Cursillo committee can ensure the team is prepared. Some of these concerns may involve medication, mobility, sleep disorders, food issues, and/or mental comprehension, just to name a few.

·          Know Your Candidate! - This Movement is not appropriate for all people. The candidate must be a practicing Catholic who is open to spiritual growth and can positively impact the environment. You are the best judge of when the candidate is ready. It is possible to quickly develop friendships, however, don't rush the process just because a weekend is approaching; or because someone is anxious to attend. There will always be another weekend to attend.


The current cost of the Weekend is $200, subject to change for various reasons. Confidentially determine if financial assistance is required. If necessary, assist them yourself or through your Group Reunion. Scholarships may be available depending on the amount and situation. Such requests should be submitted to the Pre-Cursillo Coordinators who will contact the Cursillo Treasurer for approval. All details will be held in the strictest confidence.

Once Your Candidate is Accepted

If your candidate is unable to attend the weekend for which he or she has been accepted, you must see to it that the Cursillo Committee is notified. This should be done as soon as possible so that another candidate may be notified to fill that space. 


·         Plan the Palanca you will do both before and during the Cursillo weekend for your candidate. Begin doing your Palanca as soon as your candidate decides to attend a weekend.

·         Some Palanca suggestions are: attending an extra mass each week; visits to the Blessed Sacrament; special prayers or meditation time; Palanca in the chapel; avoidance of sweets, beer, coffee, smoking, and/or reaching out to help others

·         Contact your candidate’s family and friends about providing palanca for him/her. 

On the Candidate’s Weekend

 Bring the candidate to the Weekend yourself or at the very least, arrange for someone else to bring him or her.

 To help your candidate to get off to a good start:

·         You might wish to take your candidate to dinner, which would be a kind and friendly way for them to begin the weekend.

·         Check with the Cursillo team to see if they have decided to have a stand-up dinner or just an ice breaker with snacks and drinks.

·         Carry the candidate’s bags to their room.

·         Assist the candidate at the check in table.

·         Point out where the restrooms and showers are located.

·         Take the candidate to meet the team and stay close to him or her, introducing him or her to your fellow Cursillistas.

·         Attend to your candidate’s needs – get coffee, tea, lemonade or whatever is available.

·         Stay until you are sure he or she is as comfortable as possible or until a team member informs you it is time to depart.

·         Ensure the candidate’s family is made aware of the closing ceremony.

·         Ensure the candidate’s family has your contact information in case they need anything while their family member is on the weekend.


Attend the Closing on Sunday evening!

 If your candidate is married, contact the spouse during the weekend to make sure they are doing okay. Offer to help in any way that you can.

 You should give your candidate’s family a number where they can reach you. 

After Your Candidate’s Weekend

To help your candidate re-enter “the real world” after the closing:

1)    Be there to support him or her at the closing.

2)   Check to be sure that the candidate has cleaned his or her room and removed all personal belongings.

3)   Carry the bags out to the car.



Call or visit your candidate on Monday to wish him or her a Happy 4th Day and to see how he or she is doing. Reassure the candidate again by answering any questions.

 Encourage the candidate all you can and reinforce the need to get into a Group Reunion, and help him or her to find a group. Check back periodically to see if the new Cursillista is satisfied with the group he or she is attending.

Seek and greet the new Cursillista at future Cursillo functions and keep him or her in your prayers.

How Do You Describe Cursillo?

Cursillo should only be discussed with a friend on a personal level. Be gentle yet enthusiastic, persistent but not pushy. Allow the Holy Spirit to take care of the timing. You may sow seeds that others will harvest. It is so important to be honest and not secretive. Share the purpose of the Movement and the general interactive format of the Weekend. If available, give them the handout entitled “An Action Movement for Laypersons”. It makes sense that a husband and wife enter the Cursillo Movement at about the same time. Every effort should be made to register both in the Cursillo Weekend as appropriate.

Non-Catholic Friends and Family

Church community is a vital part of all faith journeys and that’s why non-Catholics in the Greater Hampton Roads area should investigate the Episcopal Cursillo and the ecumenical Walk to Emmaus. Check the internet for information on the other branches of the Cursillo Movement. The Fourth Day Committee should be notified of any non-Catholic spouse or friend who attends other faith Cursillos such that palanca may be written and they are welcomed in our community.

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