o  Thou shall NOT miss a meeting.  Please do your best to be at every meeting.  If you know you will miss more than three meetings, please reconsider your commitment to this team.

o  Thou shall be respectful of others while they are speaking.

o  Thou shall not criticize one's self or speak negatively about one's self.

o  Thou shall be open minded and open hearted.

o  Thou shall always remember that this Cursillo is not about you.  It's all about Jesus.

o  Thou shall attend Ultreyas.

o  Thou shall be active in grouping.

o  Thou shall be open, honest and loving when communicating to others.

o  Thou shall begin and continue palanca.

o  Thou shall be present to each team member.

o  Thou shall resolve any differences as soon as possible.

o  Thou shall keep all things shared in team mtgs and Cursillo weekend in confidence.

o  Thou shall be as “Christ like” as possible. You may be the only Bible some people read!

o  Thou shall allow the Holy Spirit to reign freely throughout the team mtgs and the Cursillo weekend.

o  Thou shall continue to PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!!!!!!!

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